The Smith Anderson Group is a polished, innovative + inspired collective that works together to implement custom graphic solutions that add value to your creative content. We strive to bring a visual voice to your brand, product or service.

Our distinct character is to be:

  • CLEAN: a refreshed look that is diverse + new
  • CLEVER: a unique ingredient that brands your project as innovative + timeless
  • CREATIVE: a God-given license to create something tailored + exclusive

This allows us to develop productive collateral that is able to broadcast to a variety of audiences. We are uniquely positioned to be a tool for small to mid-sized businesses, established or start-up ministries, non-profit organizations + educational institutions to build creative content that visually communicates to their audience.



our services



Our design team works together to develop the tone of voice + creative messaging in connection with visual style + execution. We render + execute for print, web or screen.

Services Includes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design + Corp ID
  • Web Design
  • Marketing Material
  • Event Branding


Maintaining harmony + creativity can be a challenging combo but we'll assist you to ensure you achieve both, whether working with in-house teams or third party agencies.

Services Includes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Visuual Strategy
  • Freelance Services
  • Brand Building
  • Marketing Implementation



We are proud + truly honored to have partnered, connected + served with some awesome clients.